How do you know your baby is experiencing stress?

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It is always tough with babies that are less than a year old. They cannot communicate in any other way than emotional outbursts, namely crying. This causes stress for you and for the little one, but why are they crying? How do you know what is causing the issue? WHat kind of stress can your little one really be under?

How important is your mental health?

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How fast does time pass you by? Your agenda is full, everything is marked urgent, so you are constantly on the move and forget to take a breath and slow down again. Moving at this pace for a long period can make you feel tired not just physically but also mentally.

What are the 4 pillars of health?

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How do you support your health? What actions do you take to stay healthy? Are you addressing every aspect of your health? If you think so, how do you know? These are questions that keep me and my team up at night. “Why is that Justin?” you may be asking?

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