What is Subluxation and how does it occur?

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Throughout my life I have noticed how little guidance there is when it comes to maintaining the health of you and your family. This is what drives me, to guide my community in making important health decisions that will lead to better health and a better life for you and your family.

Picture of Justin


Throughout my life I have noticed how little guidance there is when it comes to maintaining the health of you and your family. This is what drives me, to guide my community in making important health decisions that will lead to better health and a better life for you and your family.

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A vertebral subluxation occurs when one or more vertebrae in your spine move out of their ideal position and/or when there is a restriction of movement between two vertebral joints. This is typically caused by your body’s reaction to stress in your environment (we will dive deeper into this later). This causes interference in the function of the nervous system, and can cause increased physical and chemical stress in the tissues surrounding the area. 

This interference to the function and structure of the spine and nervous system can lead to altered function of your body which over time leads to symptoms, examples of which include headaches, neck and or back pain, hypo or hyper mobility, poor sleep, poor focus and concentration, poor posture, acid reflux and improper functioning of your immune system. “When clients have not had their spine checked by a chiropractor before they are always shocked to see that their spine is not working the way it should and that this factor can have such a big role in their health” says Justin.

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Let’s look deeper at what causes a vertebral subluxation, which consists of 4 different types of environmental stressors:

1. Mechanical stress

This is usually caused by a sudden and unforeseen movement such as a whiplash car accident, a fall down the stairs, a slip due to not having seen a step, and don’t forget sports injuries. But, the mechanical stress can also come from less obvious things like chronic overload, improper lifting, wrong posture, wrong shoes, staying still for too long (especially sitting) etc.. Even childbirth is a known cause of vertebral subluxations due to mechanical stress your body goes through in the birth canal (this is exponentially increased with any birth intervention). It is quite possible (and more common) that the symptoms do not appear immediately. Your body is capable of adapting by creating compensation patterns, and it is only once you can no longer support those patterns that you start to feel symptoms come on.

2. Chemical stress

Chemical stress causes vertebral subluxation through overstimulation of your nervous system and cramping of the muscles in your spine which leads to the subluxation. Your body cannot tolerate certain substances such as nicotine, too much caffeine and chronic medicines. Chronic medication, for example, can cause chronic subluxation of the thoracic vertebrae, because the medication can irritate the stomach lining and overwork your liver. Irritation of the stomach lining and an overworked liver leads to excess nerve impulses to the spinal cord. That part of the spinal cord becomes overloaded, causing a cramping of the muscles between the vertebrae at that level. The segment of motion will be worse as a result: the vertebral subluxation has occurred.The irritation continues and the impulses flow over to other nerve pathways such as to the large abdominal muscles. Not enough vitamins, not enough water, smoking, too much fatty/processed food, alcohol, aspartame, etc. can also cause a vertebral subluxation via the same mechanism.

3. Psychological/emotional stress

Mental stress is a common phenomenon in this day and age. Stress works cumulatively, i.e. it builds up. This stress produces increased muscle tension and cramping (especially around the neck and shoulders) which leads to the creation of vertebral subluxations. These vertebral subluxations in turn cause more muscle tension and greater use of energy creating a vicious circle.

4. Electromagnetic radiation or interference

This form of stress has become more and more common. It is associated with all the low level radiation and frequencies that come out of our electronic or battery operated equipment. The biggest considerations at this time are your cellphone, bluetooth headphones and wifi routers. They can cause vertebral subluxation through increased stress to your nervous system, which triggers reflexive muscle contraction and causes the vertebral subluxation to occur.

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It is not typically one, but a combination of these stressors that leads to chronic vertebral subluxation and fatigue due to all the compensations. Recent research is increasingly showing the negative effects of vertebral subluxations on your body. Similarly, it is increasingly being shown that the correction of vertebral subluxations increases your body’s ability to repair itself. “Regardless of your age or how long you have your symptoms, your body is always better off with less interference in your nervous system.” says Annika

Imagine having a clearer idea of how your health works and how you can truly make choices that support your health, instead of reactions to try and fix it. To function in a truly healthy way, your nervous system must be free from any disturbance in the transmission of its signals. The Right Chiro can help with ensuring that this is not impeded by vertebral subluxations. As an expert in the field of health, Justin (your chiropractor) is a specialist in correcting blockages in your spine and nervous system and promoting optimal health.

You feel frustrated and unhappy with your health, having the same pain coming back again and again, making you feel captive with no way to heal ! At The Right Chiro we provide expert chiropractic care, we build you a customised care plan and advise you on good health practises, reconnecting you to your own bodies ability to heal so you can live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

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