Frequently Asked Questions

Chiropractors are well-trained, university-educated doctors and experts in the fields of spinal function, injury prevention, posture, exercise and many other areas of sport, health and mental stability. Chiropractors are the only professionals trained to correctly analyse and correct improper function /blockages in the spine (misalignments in the spine that exert constant pressure and interference on the vital nerves and disrupt the optimal functioning of the body). These blockages result in declining health and various physical complaints. Your chiropractor focuses on restoring normal movement of your spine and the correct position of your vertebrae. Misalignment, imbalance and blockages have a profound, negative effect on your nervous system and on how we experience our lives.

During your first appointment, the chiropractic advisor will do a thorough health discussion on your health history and symptoms, and will do a digital posture analysis and nerve function and muscle tension test. The chiropractor will do a thorough exam of your vertebral column and the problem area (if this happens to be in another area of the body) and will then show you the extent of the issue and share with you how the problem you are suffering from may be improved through chiropractic care.

The number of corrections varies and is highly dependent on your age, stress factors, how long the symptoms have been present and your recovery process. Of course this is strongly linked to how well you take care of your body. During the first visit the chiropractor will discuss the treatment plan for your recovery, aimed at achieving your goals as soon as possible. After a number of corrections, you will receive an evaluation to determine your progress. If applicable, your chiropractor works closely with other health professionals to help you achieve your health goals. We typically advise in the beginning 2 – 3 times per week, and as your results show improvement in your daily function and the objective tests reiterate this change we advise a slow decrease to maintenance care.

Similar to the knuckles in your hand, each vertebra of the spine has a joint capsule that surrounds and protects the joint by keeping it lubricated. Within these capsules is a small amount of gas that escapes and makes a sound as the joint is returned to its normal position. This usually feels like a release of tension and most people enjoy the process and even find it pleasurable.

You do not have to be in pain to visit a chiropractor. The bones of your spine are responsible for protecting your fragile nervous system and are the axis of movement for your entire body. Your nervous system is known as the main control system because it regulates and controls all systems, including your circulatory, organ, respiratory, and muscular systems to name a few! How do you know you need to exercise or eat healthy? Because it is good for you right? Just as you go to a dentist early in life (usually) so you should go to a chiropractor. Everyone with a spine needs a chiropractor.

No, chiropractors can assess and treat a physical complaint without a referral from a (general) medical practitioner.

Most health insurances reimburse chiropractic treatment if you have supplemental insurance. It usually falls under the coverage of alternative medicine and the reimbursement varies per package. After each consultation you will receive an invoice from us which you can submit to your health insurance company.

YES! Chiropractic has been around for more than 100 years and there are numerous scientific studies demonstrating the safety of chiropractic care. Many millions of people universally, have and continue to receive the benefits of chiropractic care. Chiropractic is the only profession that specifically checks and corrects the nerve system and spine. All registered chiropractors complete an extensive program of study and are required to complete ongoing study to ensure we practice safely and effectively.

We recommend every child and baby get checked as soon as possible, because we have learnt that a nervous system free of interference is the best start a baby and child could have. In our experience babies that get checked are more successful breast feeders, are more settled, have less digestive complaints and have a better functioning immune system. Chiropractic care for children and babies differs from that of adults, they tend to respond a lot faster and we use a lighter touch. The best way to describe the pressure we use is by taking your finger and pushing down on your eyelid until you feel a slight pressure. All our chiropractors are trained to check and adjust newborns, babies, toddlers and children.



Regular chiropractic care is beneficial for everyone, regardless of their age. Chiropractic care for the elderly works by ensuring mobility and can assist with pain and other conditions.  Chiropractic care directly addresses the cause of the pain or health, not the symptoms itself. 


People assume that chiropractic care might be too forceful for the elderly because of the techniques used by chiropractors. We use different techniques used for elderly that are gentle and they work with the client’s condition. 


The benefits of chiropractic care for the elderly can be endless. The elderly population often suffers from chronic and acute pain and can have problems with flexibility, mobility, balance, and postural alignment, which is why elderly chiropractic care can be very important for the overall well-being.