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At The Right Chiro we understand that you are frustrated and disappointed with your current state of health, because we see how overwhelming it is to make the best choices for your health, and a lack of trust in your body’s ability to heal. This has led to an increase in the expense of your time, money and energy. Hope is lost because your responsibility and ability to choose what is best for you has been stripped away from you.

We offer expert chiropractic care and health education. We put the control of health back in your hands, by providing clarity and certainty in making the best choices and in knowing how to optimise your health and the health of your loved ones.

When you are empowered to make the best choices for your health and the health of your familie, you live the life you deserve.


Hi I am Justin, one of your chiropractors, and founder of The Right Chiro. I grew up and studied in South Africa. 


Throughout my life I have noticed how little guidance there is when it comes to maintaining the health of you and your family. 


This is what drives me, to guide my community in making important health decisions that will lead to better health and a better life for you and your family. 

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Hi, I am Annika, I am your chiropractic advisor at The Right Chiro. 


I started doing this work after years of struggling with some health problems, to the point where many doctors said I should learn to live with it. Like you, I had tried many different therapies, and finally and luckily ended up with chiropractic.


So now I want to help you find the right way back to your best health through chiropractic care.

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Hello I am Melanie, one of your chiropractors at The Right Chiro. I was born and grew up in Namibia, and studied in New Zealand. 

One of the biggest problems I have seen with modern health care is that you are not given the opportunity to truly learn how amazing your body is and what it is capable of. 

I became a chiropractor to really help people like you realise how healthy you can be and show you how truly amazing your body is. I have a passion to do this for you and your family.

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We care about your health because a better quality of health will give you a better quality of life

We care about your health because a better quality of health will give you a better quality of life/h3>

(and growing) satisfied clients
hours of study to ensure the best quality of care and advice


shows that chiropractic care is more effective, costs less and has more clients that are satisfied compared to other health care providers when it comes to helping with headaches, neck or back pain.

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