What are the 4 pillars of health?

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Picture of Justin


Throughout my life I have noticed how little guidance there is when it comes to maintaining the health of you and your family. This is what drives me, to guide my community in making important health decisions that will lead to better health and a better life for you and your family.

Picture of Justin


Throughout my life I have noticed how little guidance there is when it comes to maintaining the health of you and your family. This is what drives me, to guide my community in making important health decisions that will lead to better health and a better life for you and your family.

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How do you support your health? What actions do you take to stay healthy? Are you addressing every aspect of your health? If you think so, how do you know? These are questions that keep me and my team up at night. “Why is that Justin?” you may be asking? The reason is because the answer to the above questions is quite often difficult to find and even if you do find the answer is often confusing. 


Confusion comes from the fact that we have been trained to only take action for health when we have pain or illness. Why would you take action if you don’t “feel” any symptoms? You do not realise that by the time you feel sick, have pain in your lower back, have headaches or are having issues with something like concentration or sleep the damage has already been done. This has taken months, if not years, of conditioning to get you to this point and will take almost as long to get you back.  “Health is not just the absence of pain or illness, but rather the presence of mind to know that these are part of your health experience. Health is the way you live your life and is the result of the choices you make everyday to either support it or take away from it”, says Annika. 


For us it is simple, facets of health can be divided into 4 equally important parts:

1. The function of your spine and nervous system:

We put this one first because this is where we are specialised. The function of your spine is directly related to the function of your nervous system. The less function you have in your spine the more interference you have in the function of your nervous system. Your nervous system controls everything in your body, every cell, organ and function that you can think of. Naturally we want to make sure that this system has no interference. A proper functioning spine means a better functioning nervous system and a better opportunity for you to express health. 


2. Physical stature & movement:

Your body is not made to sit or stand still for prolonged periods of time. You are an animated being, which means you need to move. Movement is one of the most important sources of nutrition for a proper functioning nervous system. That being said, rest is also an important part of the physical nature of your body. We like to talk about finding the balance between good natural movement for your body, and the right amount of rest so you can heal and recover.

3. Mental space, basically your thoughts and feelings:

This is one of the hardest to change because it is the most difficult to measure. We focus more on a balance between thoughts and feelings. Knowing that both are equally important and trying to train your brain to make decisions when using rational thought. Problems here range from blind optimism (a famous psychologist calls it the tyranny of positivity) to anxiety, worry and frustration. We advise training yourself to be more in the present moment, to be grateful and to realise that almost everything in your life that can make you happy requires you to make a choice and take responsibility for your choices. 


4. Body chemistry:

This is more specifically your bio-chemistry. This includes all the building blocks that are necessary for you to have the healthiest function: from the right kind of carbohydrates for energy to the right kind of amino acids for building and repair. This also includes the poisons you may routinely take in from chronic medication, to too much caffeine, alcohol or refined foods. This refers to substances that you ingest or take in through your lungs, mouth, and skin.

When one of these is not at its best, just like when one leg from a table or chair has been removed, you can still have the appearance of proper function and health. Over time though, through increased stressors in your life from family or work, and through the development of bad and unhealthy habits the other pillars begin to take too much strain until one falls out. The result of this can be catastrophic, like a heart attack or stroke, or as mild as regular headaches, lower back pain, fatigue, chronic problems with getting sick, menstruation issues, digestive issues, and problems with concentration and productivity. 


Imagine though, that you are seeing a chiropractor regularly, choosing the right foods to eat in the right amount, you keep yourself connected to your mental state and gratitude and focusing on moving in a way everyday that supports your strength and mobility. You are not only reinforcing the pillars you have for health, but you are making them stronger. The stronger the pillars get, the more you can bounce back from bigger and often unavoidable surprise stressors like a car accident or fall. “Your health is an investment, not an expense.” says Justin. 


When you are looking and paying active attention to the necessary areas of your health, they get better and you become a beacon for your family, friends and work colleagues for what health should look like. You became the answer to the question that is: “What can I best do to support my health?”

At The Right Chiro we understand that you are frustrated and disappointed with your current state of health, because we see the overwhelm in making the best choices for your health and a lack of trust in your body’s ability to heal. We offer family chiropractic care and health education, giving you clarity in making the Right choices and reconnecting you with your ability to heal. We want to help you unleash the best in you, because you deserve a life free of discomfort and uncertainty.

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