Rights and obligations

Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO)

The Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO) describes the rights and obligations of clients in healthcare.

The WGBO is important for anyone who has to deal with medical care. When a chiropractor examines or treats a client, a medical treatment agreement is involved. The law is intended to strengthen the position of clients who need medical care.

As a healthcare provider, The Right Chiro is bound by this agreement. For this reason, we would like to explain these rules to you.

Rights: What does the WGBO regulate

Obligations: What the patient must do

Besides rights, patients also have duties:

With the correct information, the healthcare provider is able to make a diagnosis more quickly and accurately, and to provide better care. The patient must cooperate with the healthcare provider as much as possible and follow advice.

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The WGBO aims to improve the quality of care in the Netherlands. At The Right Chiro, we are always busy improving our care! Therefore, you can always contact us with questions about the WGBO, but of course also about all other matters concerning your health.