7 myths about chiropractic

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I started doing this work after years of struggling with some health problems, to the point where many doctors said I should learn to live with it. Like you, I had tried many different therapies, and finally and luckily ended up with chiropractic. So now I want to help you find the right way back to your best health through chiropractic care.

Picture of Annika


I started doing this work after years of struggling with some health problems, to the point where many doctors said I should learn to live with it. Like you, I had tried many different therapies, and finally and luckily ended up with chiropractic. So now I want to help you find the right way back to your best health through chiropractic care.

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Naturally, as with many people, you may be asking is chiropractic safe? Today I am going to answer this question unequivocally for you, YES IT IS! I will take you through 7 common myths surrounding chiropractic care and showing you the truth about each of them. That way when you choose to start chiropractic care you will feel a lot more confident in your decision. We are here, as we always say, to help you start making the choices that will empower you to live the life you deserve.

Myth nr. 1 – A chiropractic correction hurts

Most people perceive chiropractic corrections to be painful. Chiropractic corrections are NOT painful, in fact most people actually feel a sense of relief when being adjusted.


A very important part of the chiropractic correction is that of the chiropractor explaining the whole procedure to you. With relevance to the extent and seriousness of your health problem (which is done in the intake with a detailed history, computerised scans and an in depth exam of the function of your spine), and how we plan on helping you (this is an explanation of your personalised care plan and the changes you see happening in your body day to day). In the beginning, everything is new so we take the time to explain every aspect of the experience so that you can understand what we are finding, what we are doing and how it is going to help you.




When you are in the hands of a skilled chiropractor, who knows what they are doing, you don’t have anything to fear. Do not let your fear of a correction keep you from making the health choice, living more healthy, staying healthy and having the best lifestyle possible, living the life you deserve.

Myth nr. 2 – Chiropractic care is expensive

As Chiropractors we often hear the phrase: ‘I wish I had considered less-invasive health options sooner’ or ‘I wish somebody had told me about chiropractic before.’ This is often the case when we wait for the problem to get big, it requires more of an investment and time to improve the problem we are trying to fix. 


The normal method of dealing with a health related problem is waiting for the problem to interfere with your ability to live the life you want. This tends to increase the severity of the problem, but along with that the amount of time, energy and money required to resolve it. So many people, like you, are unaware of their own body’s ability to heal. If you consider the amount of money you have to pay for modern medicine over time, and when that is not successful  the bills that arise for surgical intervention, it is easy to see that a new perspective is necessary, right?



Medical bills, compared to those of chiropractic care, are sky high. If you live in a country where your medical aid supports chiropractic care, make sure you consider good medical aid coverage that can at least cover 2 corrections per month when under maintenance care. Naturally this is dependent on your age, lifestyle and health objectives you wish to achieve, but more regular chiropractic care  offers the best opportunity to live the life you deserve. 

If you are someone who likes to take a deeper scientific read into subjects we have provided links to several studies indicating that chiropractic care is more cost-effective than traditional medical care. Here are a few:

Myth nr. 3 – Once you start seeing a chiropractor, you have to keep going the rest of your life.

This is a funny one. Really the answer is NO, of course not! You don’t HAVE to do anything for the rest of your life. Chiropractic care (like going to the gym, brushing your teeth twice a day, eating a balanced healthy diet and not overworking yourself) is a choice that you get to make to improve and support your best health. 


If your goal is to get over a symptom or an ailment, like getting rid of that irritating headache or backache you’ve been having for the last month, chiropractic care can definitely help with that. If your health goals are much greater, like expressing your best function so that you can have better results at work, a healthier physique and being in a better place for your family and work colleagues, then it is a good idea to get your spine habitually checked for any subluxations that may be causing interference to your nervous system.


Take the time to think about what it is you want for your health, your body, and the life you live. Be clear about your health goals you wish to achieve, and make sure to communicate these goals to your chiropractor, or other health care providers. 


Your chiropractor, like any other health care provider, should be a guide. A guide showing you what your body is capable of and how you can unlock more of your potential in your life. At The Right Chiro regular chiropractic corrections constitute part of your foundation to a healthy lifestyle, to living a life you deserve. 

Myth nr. 4 – Chiropractic corrections could be dangerous.

Scientific studies show that chiropractic corrections are much safer than most common activities such as washing your hair at the hair salon, yoga, break dancing, reversing your car or even laying in the grass to enjoy a starry night.


A skilled chiropractor is trained in how to specifically know the what, where and how to assess you for the signs which might raise any red flags, and how to best take care of your spine so you get the best out of life. 




At The Right Chiro we provide safe and expert chiropractic care for everybody who wants to start choosing to live a better healthier life, the life you deserve to live. For those people who want to dive a little deeper we have provided 2 papers with relevance to chiropractic and safety, we always promote you learning more about the way your body functions and how you can better look after it.

Myth nr. 5 – Children don’t need chiropractic care

Chiropractic care for children is truly one of the best ways to really see how your body should be functioning. Children’s bodies are more flexible and heal faster than an adult, however your child goes through many different types of stress as it grows up and develops.


The birthing process can be considered as the very first major traumatic event in your child’s  life, especially if there has been external medical intervention (from hormone therapy to a more serious intervention like a cesarean section). As your baby grows up to be a strong and healthy hero, they experience around 2000 falls before they turn three. 200 of these falls are considered serious. Then on to bigger things like learning to ride their bike, climbing trees and playing sports. Then we see plenty of sitting at school and the emotional stress that occurs as they learn more about where they want to fit in in our society.




What does that all mean? It means higher stress and a good time to start supporting their function before waiting for it to be a problem. Chiropractic corrections can minimize the negative effects that can result from subluxated spines after such falls and other stresses that life will bring. It is fundamental to keep the nervous system of your growing child free of interference so that every cell in their body receives the correct information at the right time, allowing them to grow up strong and healthy, living the life they deserve from the beginning. 

Myth Nr. 6 – Chiropractic care rarely works

Millions of people have experienced great results from regular chiropractic care. Some of these include: Usain Bolt, Leonardo Dicaprio, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan, Ronda Rosey, Evander Holyfield, Metallica and many others.


Professional athletes, and professional sport organisations, at the very best of their game make use of chiropractic to help prevent injuries, and more importantly enhance athletic and artistic performance as well as overall health. Chiropractic use among athletes is becoming more common.


So, when is it important to support your health? Do you need to be a professional athlete to take advantage of what regular chiropractic may mean for you? Don’t wait, we are all “athletes” in our own lives. You need to be able to go to work and perform, come home and provide for your family and still look after your health. You need the benefits of chiropractic care so you can keep your head on straight and be the best employee, solopreneur and family member possible. 


At The Right Chiro we are here for you, we are in your dugout or on your bench, ready to support you and your health so that you can have great function, better health and choose to live the life you deserve. 

Myth nr. 7 – I am too old for chiropractic care

Are you too old to be healthy? Are you too old to want to have more freedom of movement? Is it too late to try for more freedom and the ability to do things you still want to do, like nice long walks in the forest? Obviously not! If you have a nervous system and a spine that still has the ability to move then you can benefit from chiropractic care, with one of the biggest benefits possibly keeping your freedom of function. 


As a result of the Big Baby Boom in the 1950’s and 1960’s we are seeing a lot more people make it much later in their lives. The aging population (your parents) is more physically fit and, in general, has greater opportunities to live a healthier life for longer. How great would it be if you, or your parents, could live the life you deserve till much later in life?

children (2)


Great, right? Yes, chiropractic care offers a natural and safe way to assist people through all stages and years of life, including the aging years. More specifically, we help you to achieve mobility of immobile joints so that overall function is improved and you reach vitality through a healthy nervous system. More and more elederly people are realising the benefits of regular chiropractic care in relation to normal aches and pains, but also with helping arthritis and other degenerative issues common with age. Another bonus is a decreased dependence on drugs later in life as well. No more of those tablet boxes with the letters of each day of the week, say hello rather to better function, health and living the life you deserve into your twilight.

At The Right Chiro we understand that you are frustrated and disappointed with your current state of health, because we see the overwhelm in making the best choices for your health and a lack of trust in your body’s ability to heal. We offer expert chiropractic care and health education, giving you clarity in making the Right choices and reconnecting you with your ability to heal. We want to help you live the life you deserve, a life free of discomfort and uncertainty. 

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