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We want to help team leaders, CEO’s and directors get the best out of their most costly and most vital aspect of their company, their staff. If you are a team leader, HR manager, CEO or director and are looking for a way to get the best from your staff. We can help decrease those expensive sick days and get more productivity out of your staff with a smile on their faces.

We want to help you grow your productivity, your income, you and your employees.

1. You book a FREE orientation call so we can get a little more information about your organisation and how we can help.
2. We will book an initial insight appointment where we will come to your place of work and assess how we can best help. We will discuss the following:
3. We will schedule the date and time to start working with your company. We will provide the necessary forms for your staff to fill in which can be done online, as well as an email and whatsapp template to send to your staff to book their appointments.
4. We will provide a link for your staff (this link will be in the email or whatsapp) to book their times for the intake and the adjustments.
5. We can do a monthly review with the designated person, where we ask the number of sick days and the rate of productivity (if possible). So we can make sure your value is increasing.
6. Lastly, we will include in the package a myovision scan every 2 months and a digital posture analysis every 6 months so we can monitor the progress of your staff in that way. This will cost an additional 10 minutes. An additional form will be provided for the employees to fill in online to measure and ask for changes.

We cannot wait to do business with you and help you and your company grow to the best it can be!
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Look how easy it is to work with us!

1. Book a “Health Discovery” call

This allows us to find out what your major health concern is and how we can help you overcome it.

2. Receive and in depth and thorough examination and scan of your function and health

This allows you to see the true extent of your health concerns. Only once we truly see can we truly overcome.

3. Get an expert chiropractic care plan to reconnect you to your ability to heal

This personalised plan makes sure that every time you come in you are connected to your ability to heal and ramps up the momentum of healing in your body.

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…did you see our free pdf that will share with you what may be causing that pesky neck pain, with 6 of The Right tips on how you can start decreasing it. 

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